Moving Day - Moving House

On the day of your move is all about you from a house and the new - if you hired a company, all you have to do is see them, or stay out of the way entirely. If you have not, it is important that members and friends of the family have strong there for you to change everything in your van.
Empty room at a time, and to ensure that the cabinets (if they go in) are also empty - once its done, sweep, mop or vacuum, and do one final recording then you close the door. Let's help the other rooms are finished with, so that people do not attract dirt in the room ready and clean are sealed.

Moving day will probably pass in a blur, so it is important to try your last moments in the house you can enjoy. You are probably a lot of memories, good and bad, there, and full closure on that period is important in your life, so you can pass.

You want to keep a couple of boxes or bags and spare hand, so that everything you have missed, which was taken in a corner can take or important that you rely for move - it must be clearly marked so you can find them at the other end.

Keeping your kettle, mugs, coffee, tea, toiletries and baby supplies (if you have a small child) packaged separately from your goods might be a good idea, as it is now important work, moving, utility or ID documents in a safe place in your move. The latter ensures that they will not be accidentally lost, or placed somewhere that you can not find them.

You need to take a final meter reading, and where necessary, close all water supply, electricity or gas, so that no one in the house for a few days after you.

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